AAAAAAAAAAA somebody hacked my account I hate you hacking hackers go away

   So I tried to reset my password but I started this so long ago I can’t remember the password to the email account I set up to start another blog OH MY GOODNESS and if someone can hack into your blog they can also just DELETE the whole blog!! Which isn’t as horrible for this one as it would be for bewitchingbritain; which has thousands of hours of work and reference put into it. It makes you think twice about the time you spend on your blog since obviously Tumblr CANNOT KEEP OUR ACCOUNTS SAFE.

   Anyway I deleted the spam stuff and I will watch for any more of it, but if it continues I’ll just have to delete the blog because I don’t know what else to do; I’m not spending hours on this only to have the hacker delete the blog anyhow AAAAAAA TUMBLR WHY HAVE YOU FAILED US???

2 years ago
  1. ponyboylovessunsets said: NO WAY! damn hackers…Tumblr has to do something! Well, if you finally have to delete your blog, tell us about it and come back with another wonderful blog, please :(
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